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Submission Guidelines / Large Format Printing

The following section outlines some of the factors to consider when preparing your large format designs for printing in full colors (CMYK) or Spot Colors — such as posters, photographs, art prints, backlit graphics, window graphics, maps, etc. It is very important to prepare your graphic files according to these guidelines to ensure quality output.

File Format

We accept artwork created on Mac or PC platforms in both raster or vector formats:
Files Accepted: PDF, AI, EPS, TIF, JPG, or any other file created with Adobe Creative Suite Software.
Files that contain graphics and text should be converted to Vector Images/Outlines or have all the fonts embed or included with your submission. Include a screen shot or PDF/JPG screen optimized proofs for color/content verification.

Files Not Accepted: PNG, GIF, BMP, or any Document Files created with Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Power Point.

File Resolution

All raster/bitmap print files such as images or photographs should be submitted at 300 dpi resolution at actual print size, otherwise the image will look fuzzy and/or pixilated. Low resolution or web images are not acceptable for output.

Color Specs

All color images must be submitted in CMYK mode. Files submitted in RGB color mode will be converted to CMYK during the print process and that may cause unexpected color changes. It is recommended to create your graphics/artwork in CMYK from start in order to achieve the best printing results.

Color Matching

Specify PANTONE numbers on all spot color artwork. Please note that large format ink-jet printing cannot reproduce exact PMS, Spot Colors. The nearest color values will be substituted. Always request a Print Proof for approval if color is crucial, otherwise we can’t accept responsibility for inaccuracy of colors.

Bleed and Crop Marks

All large format prints are trimmed by hand. No crop marks are required unless your artwork has colors and images that run to the edge of your print and require lamination to a back panel of the same size as your print format. In this case we recommend a 1/8” bleed on all sides. It is important to setup all document sizes to the size of the finished print.

Print Size

We can print large format images up to 56 inches in width and 16 feet in length. Setup all document sizes to the format of the finished piece. Be aware of the optimal resolution of 300 dpi of actual print size for images used in large format printing.

Other Considerations

Even well prepared artwork files can have unforeseen issues some times. For instances, transparency effects or complex PMS colors may look good on the screen, but can produce unintended consequences when printed in SMYK mode at full size. If this does occur, our team will contact you to discuss possible remedies.

If you have questions about your artwork file, or you’d like us to check the file quality before you place your order, please email a smaller scale copy of your artwork to [email protected] along with your order information.

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