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Customer Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and support team strive to provide excellent customer service. Below are just a few testimonials from some of our most satisfied clients. We would love to hear about your experience with our product and customer service.

Please use our Feedback Form to send us your comments and suggestions.

January 2023

Subject: Re: Wooden shelves suspended on rods from ceiling

I am attaching a photo of the end result. This was a residential project. The product was easy to install and certainly matches my concept. I hope to have a project in the future where I can use your products. I appreciate the ability to dream up an idea and bring it to reality.

Gabriele P.
Saltbox Architecture
Washington DC 20015


November 2022

Subject: Re: Display Systems for NXP Semiconductors

We have installed the Nova Display, and it looks great. We have gotten very positive feedback from the employees on the look of the new display. I would say the ordering, receiving and installation all went extremely well and I am very satisfied with the support and customer service!

Thank you so much for your support and beautiful product!

Eric S.
NXP Semiconductors

October 2022

Subject: The Eagle’s Gallery at the Capitol of South Dakota, Pierre

I am an aviation writer, artist and filmmaker and have an art gallery in the capitol of South Dakota, Pierre. Here, artwork of notable South Dakota aviators are on public display at The Eagle’s Gallery as part of the state airport. I have a press bio on my website under the “Resources” tab: www.JohnMollison.com

As you can imagine, the traffic is constant, changing and diverse. Additionally, the airport is of contemporary, stunning design. The honor of having this place as a repository for my historical work is profound… when my first piece went up (to honor a South Dakota Native American that distinguished himself during the Battle of Midway – John C. Waldron), I went looking for a display solution that would honor the architecture and decor of the facility. This occurred in 2017.

I found Nova during a web search but had previously seen the brand’s representation at a trade show some time prior. Impressed with the quality of the acrylic, I ordered the first art framing kit from Nova and haven’t looked back. Nova has been outstanding in quality, service… some other solutions were less expensive but when doing an art-install in a public place, craftsmanship and reliability have an economy all their own; I can’t imagine trusting another vendor.

Included are photos of:
1. Eagle’s Gallery signage.
2. (L-R) U.S. Senator John Thune, SD Historical Society representative Corey Christensen, myself and SD Air & Space Foundation Director Maj. Robert Liebman, USAF, frame my artwork of the Senator’s father’s F6F Hellcat fighter as he flew it in WWII.

John Mollison
South Dakota, Pierre

W2006 - Frameless Acrylic Poster Frames / Standoff Wall Mounted
Public display at The Eagle’s Gallery by John Mollison
Public display at The Eagle’s Gallery by John Mollison

*   *   *

Subject: Purchase from Nova Display Systems

Thanks for reaching out!

The display systems are working great and look amazing – very user friendly too which is ideal.

The ordering process went very well, even including talking with your team over the phone with any questions before we made our initial orders. Hoping we can get some more soon as we start planning for spring season at our store. The fixture design is intuitive and aesthetically clean, which are characteristics we take pride in with our store experience.

We’re still working on standardizing our sign fixture package and testing them out in our store. The spring-summer seasons will be the true test of how they work in our space, being we have a greenhouse and majority open areas with roof coverings.


Joshua P.
Mulhall’s Nursery
Omaha, NE 68164

*   *   *

Subject: Purchase from Nova Display Systems

We LOVE our Nova Display system! The ordering and receiving process went smoothly, there was a cracked frame which was quickly replaced. Installation was a bit of a challenge; we love how this display fills the space! We’ve filled the display so will be ordering a duplicate order soon to start a new row, for next year’s award recipient.

Thank you,

Lori S.
Robert H. Jackson Center
Jamestown, NY 14701

August 2022

Subject: Follow-up on Graphic Displays and Literature Holders

Thanks for reaching out. We had a very positive experience with nova displays. We did have some damaged during shipping, but that was from our fabricators to the install site. We would definitely use your product again and appreciate the customer service your team provided. Attached are a couple of photos of them installed as part of our small visitor center in Utah, I can provide more information if it would be helpful as well.
Jennifer G.
Forge Graphic Works
Portland, OR 97209
Frameless Acrylic Frames for Poster Inserts with Literature Displays
Frameless Acrylic Frames for Poster Inserts with Literature Displays

July 2022

Subject: Acrylic Wall Displays for Hastings College

Here are photos from the install. This looks awesome – thanks for coordinating the process!


Claire E.
Hastings College
Hastings, NE 68901
Hastings College New Acrylic Poster Displays
Hastings College New Acrylic Poster Displays
Hastings College New Acrylic Poster Displays

*   *   *

Subject: Wall Display for MRSPL

I’m finally ready to share photos of our installed display! We are very happy with the functionality of the frames and brochure holder! Overall, the display is awesome and I would definitely recommend Nova to others.

Thank you,


Jess S.
Mary Riley Styles Public Library
Falls Church, VA 22046
MRSPL Hook-on Acrylic Poster Insert Wall Display
MRSPL Hook-on Acrylic Poster Insert Wall Display

*   *   *

Subject: Cable Glass Shelf Suspension Systems

Good Morning! Our customer finally got the shoes up on the shelves and sent us a picture over. We loved the hardware, it was of good quality and easier to install compared to brands I have used in the past. We will definitely be using you for all of our future shelving display needs.

Thank You!

Reannon B.
Jack Rick’s Glass Company
Savannah, GA 31404
Cable Glass Shelf Suspension Systems

May 2022

Subject: Follow up on your eyewear displays

Thank you for the follow up email. Apologies for the delay, I am wrapping up on a few things before I open for business. I would love to share my photos! So many people have complimented the displays and asked where I purchased them. Would you like photos of the displays itself or with my product on it (eyeglasses)? I will be taking photos of the space next week (hopefully) to upload on my website. The website is still under construction but feel free to visit: www.duxburyeyedoctor.com.

My ordering and receiving experience was great! Someone from your team gave me a discount after explaining that every bit helps as a small independent owner, opening a cold practice. Please send my sincerest thanks. I helped my subcontractors install and honestly, it was a bit tedious (taking three days) and minor adjustments needed to be made like cutting the cables to tighten up the slack, but overall the time, effort and cost was so worth it!

With Kind Regards,

Jennifer G.
Duxbury Eye Care
Duxbury, MA 02332

*   *   *

Subject: Cable Display Systems for German Club Alumni Foundation

The display system I ordered worked great for the application we had in mind. Just small glass vertical cabinets where we wanted to display playbills / concert posters from bands and musicians who had performed over the years. Not a large display, but we wanted a bold statement and we feel that it was achieved. Photos attached, you’re welcome to use them if you think appropriate. They’re probably not the best because of the lighting and the glare from the glass that I couldn’t reduce.
Ordering was relatively simple, though I did experience some confusion in determining which cable attachments would be correct for our application. I ultimately settled on the top hanging clamps, but they were kind of difficult to find on your site.
I also wasn’t for sure which ceiling mount devices to purchase, but I called and talked to one of your representatives, and he clarified that I only needed the small ones since it wasn’t a weight issue. I must say that he hit the ball out of the park, the little ones are so clean, barely noticeable, and will only leave one small screw hole per hanger in the top of our display cabinets, when/if we should reconfigure.
One comment about the acrylic top opening display sleeves. They sag from gravity when using top clamps, making the sleeve look kind of goofy and taking away from the display. This could have been corrected by utilizing side clamps, but I felt that it wouldn’t have looked as professional with longer cables offset to the sides. Or I would have had to purchase twice as many clamps, putting two on each side of each sleeve – which would be necessary had I had a taller/longer display with multiple sleeves on each set of cables. I opted to attach very small bull clips to the sides to keep them clean. I’m thinking the design of the sleeves could be updated to more accommodate the top clamps. If the “back” (shorter) part of the sleeve was slightly longer – it would butt securely against the top clamp and likely be held in place by friction. Or the top clamps could be re-designed to overlap the shorter part of the sleeve to hold it in place. I also attached two close-up photos to show the problem and my solution.
Ultimately, I was quite pleased with the pricing and received very good feedback on the display.
Tommy Y.
German Club Alumni Foundation
Blacksburg, VA 24060
German Club Alumni Foundation / Cable Suspended Displays
German Club Alumni Foundation / Cable Suspended Displays
German Club Alumni Foundation / Cable Suspended Displays

April 2022

Subject: Custom Acrylic Bases

Yes we were very happy with our purchase we did use it as a base for a few different gift bases.
Aaron B.
Express Electric Inc.
Spring Valley, NY 10977

*   *   *

Subject: LED lighted cable/wire displays for real estate windows

I placed the order and so far we are really happy. Installation was pretty easy and the flyer display looks great in our window, especially at night. Definitely stands out.
Marisa F.
Wine Country Group
Healdsburg, CA 95448

*   *   *

Subject: Wall-to-wall Wire Suspended Decorative Shelves

I was able to resolve my problem eliminating the need to purchase the new shelving. Appreciated and thank you for your follow up! Some pics as I finally finished my project that you had asked for several months back.
We love the look!
Frank M.

March 2022

Subject: Anne Rogers Real Estate Window Display – Cable suspended led light pockets

Good Morning!
Thanks for reaching out to us. Our Nova Display is working well and we love to see passersby stop and look at the display! I think it has added a lot of interest and an interactivity to our storefront. We had a small bump in the road during install that required additional parts to install it into a metal window frame. Thankfully we were able to call Nova and speak with an actual person for assistance! The parts we needed shipped quickly and our electrician was able to complete the install within the week. We were so thankful that we could get such good customer service. Alternative display sources were from overseas sellers in the UK and China, so customer service/time-zone and shipping issues were a major concern. A friend and fellow real estate broker referred us based on his experience with his Nova display. While we had a professional install the display, he didn’t voice any negatives regarding the build quality or install process.
Thank you again!
Lauren H.
Anne Rogers Realty Group
Orlando, FL 932804
Anne Rogers Real Estate Window Display
Anne Rogers Real Estate Window Display

January 2022

Subject: Photos of cable display system

The process was smooth from start to finish. Attached are some photos, no inserts at time of our install because the school was going to do those themselves.
Thank you,
Rochelle S.
Security Signs
Portland, OR 97202

December 2021

Subject: Wall Mounted Hook-on Rod Acrylic Pockets


The entire process was fairly easy. I was looking for a way to display our Annual Campaign Donors that I could easily change out each month but looked a little more modern and unique than a bulletin board. I am very happy with it.
Chantelle O.
Greate Lowell Family YMCA
Drive Lowell, MA 01852
Wall Mounted Hook-on Rod Acrylic Pockets

October 2021

Subject: Eyeglass Displays suspended on 10mm Rod Display

Hi Mackenna,

I just finished installing the optical displays mounted with your 10mm rod system and I loved it. It worked out great, looks great, and is very sturdy.
Mason W.
Eyecare Associates
Argusville, ND 58005
D2007 – Eyeglass Displays suspended on 10mm Rod Display
D2008 – Eyeglass Displays suspended on 10mm Rod Display
D2009 – Eyeglass Displays suspended on 10mm Rod Display

*   *   *

Subject: Cable Suspended Partition Paneling

Here are few photos of the installation. Everything went great!

Hollie G.
The DripBar
New Orleans, LA
Cable Suspended Partitions
Cable Suspended Partitions

*   *   *

Subject: LED Window Displays on Low-Voltage Cables

We love the Nova display we bought. The lighting is very simple just two wires total for all frames. The install was not hard- we created a wood frame around the window and used no fasteners into the window. The brightness is perfect at nighttime. It’s a very elegant look.
Chris D.
KA DesignWorks
Basalt, CO

June 2021

Subject: Custom Clear Acrylic Screens and Sneeze Guards on 10mm Rod Display System

Everything worked out perfectly! Thank you so much for all of your assistance! I have attached the photos as requested. Thank you again and have a great day!
Best Regards,

Allyson S.
Logan Millwork
Newton, NJ 07860


March 2021

Subject: Tension Cable Suspended Display on Wall Rails

Everything went very smoothly and it looks great. This wall is in clients board room and displays their professional awards. The system does everything we needed it to do and with different ways to attach things to the cables, it is very versatile. The next system the customer is planning to do is right off the office entry. This is for the bigger system you quoted first. This will have their core values and finished job photos on it. I am trying to build in three dimensional pieces of product. This one will be interesting. The company just moved into their new space in December so they are adding little by little. Thank you for all of your help and service. You have a great high quality product and we look forward to the next one.

Bill P.
Hartford Fine Art & Framing Co
Hartford, CT 06108

T2031 Wall-to-Wall Rail/Cable Suspended Frame Display
T2032 Wall-to-Wall Rail/Cable Suspended Frame Display

*   *   *

Subject: Rod Suspended Wine Display Rack 

Thanks for asking! My project was a success! Ordering and receiving was a charm. I asked lots of questions not knowing your products but always received answers in record time. The only issue (which I fully understand is not under Nova Display’s control) was the shipping charges. I have ordered bigger heavier items from other US suppliers at half of the cost. This project was a personal creation. I am sure your components have not been used in this manner before. I am an architect and handyman. I used your components to design and build a wine cellar. Came out just as I planned. See attached pictures. Thank you for your help!
Roberto B.
Montréal, QC Canada
Custom Rod Suspended Display Wine Rack
Custom Rod Suspended Display Wine Rack


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