6mm Rod Display System / Overview

The 6 mm (1/4″) Rod Display System is an elegant and practical display support system, beautifully engineered and finished. To ensure strength and durability all rods are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, with fixings and support fittings made of brass alloy. They are capable of supporting heavy loads — up to 200 kg (441 lbs). The rod system provides greater stability than cables, with a dynamic and yet elegant appearance. The standard rod length is 1.5m (4′ 11-1/16″). Rods are also available in 1m (3′ 3-1/32″) and 0.5m (1′ 7-11/16″) with non-threaded ends, and 0.5m (1′ 7-11/16″) with one threaded and one domed end. Once screwed together, the rods look like one continuous rod.

The system is used for creating a wide range of applications:

  • Architectural Paneling – suspended decorative or light-diffusing paneling.
  • Art/Picture Hanging – suspended artwork on aluminum rails ceiling or wall mounted.
  • Decorative and Product Shelving – suspended lit or non-lit flat glass, acrylic or wooden shelves on walls or inside cabinets or showcases and suspended angled or sloped shelves.
  • Facility Maps and Office Directories – suspended and wall mounted custom office directories, facility maps, messaging boards and specialty signage.
  • Literature Displays – suspended literature dispensers and literature sloping shelves for displaying catalogs, magazines, brochures, books, newspapers, postcards, etc.
  • Lit and Non-lit Window Displays – suspended LED light poster displays, easy access poster frames and small and large format printed graphics and banners; low voltage lighting can also be integrated into this system.
  • Merchandising Displays – suspended glass shelving, showcases, aluminum poster frames or aluminum rails to hold fabric, heavy-duty hanging rails to hold garments, etc.
  • Signage and Logo Panels – suspended and wall-mounted custom signage, logo panels, decorative screens, posters, vinyl banners, large format graphics, etc.
  • Showcase Displays – suspended custom lit or non-lit acrylic, glass or wooden showcases and merchandisers.
  • Partitions and Dividers – suspended light-weight decorative fiberglass or tempered glass panels and screens.
  • Visual Displays – suspended and wall mounted info/posters displays, graphic panels, product displays, framed presentation displays.
cable/rod Display Benefits


  • Durability
  • Easy to Install
  • Elegant
  • Extensive Range of Components
  • High Quality
  • Limitless Combinations
  • Longevity
  • Minimalist Design
  • Modularity
  • Practical
  • Re-configurable
  • Strength
  • Versatility


  • Art Presentations
  • Decorative Shelving
  • Floor-standing Displays
  • Frameless Graphic Panels
  • Graphic Panels
  • Hook-on Displays
  • Illuminated Graphics
  • Literature Displays
  • Office Directories
  • Partitions and Dividers
  • Poster/Information Displays
  • Product Shelving and Showcases
  • Suspended Signs


  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Corporate Offices and Receptions
  • Domestic Interiors
  • Health Clinics and Hospitals
  • Hairdresser and Beauty Salons
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Libraries and Schools
  • Malls and Retail Outlets
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Showrooms and Exhibitions
  • University and College Campuses

Display Solutions & Ideas

Cable Suspended LED Light Pockets - Illuminated Posters

LED Light Pockets

– incredibly bright, slim acrylic poster frame with glowing edges. It will make your window or wall displays stand out.

Rod Suspended Easy-Access Acrylic Poster Displays

Easy Access Poster Displays

– cable suspended poster information displays for walls and windows. Provide a quick and easy way to change information.

Rod Suspended Info/Poster Displays with Acrylic Angled Shelves

Literature/Information Displays

– cable/rod suspended or wall mounted displays for brochures, catalogs, magazines and other promotional materials.

Cable/Rod Suspended Glass Shelves

Suspended/Floating Shelves

– ideal for displaying collectibles, merchandise and promotional products in windows, inside glass cabinets, or interiors.

Cable/Rod Suspended Signage and Office Directories

Signage & Office Directories

– overhead directional signs, directories, facility maps, logo panels, and other specialty signs suspended on cable/rod system.

Totem Display Stands for Info/Posters and Literature

Modular Display Stands

– create an instant floor-standing presentation to display signs, posters, literature, large format graphics, or merchandise.