Easy-Glide & Spider Track System / Specifications

Weight Bearing Information – Safety working load limit for Easy-Glide & Spider Track Systems

Track Systems

Easy-Glide System

Spider Track System

Plaster-Ceiling Track (per linear foot)7 lb (3.2 kg)2.5 lb (1.1 kg)
Grid-Ceiling Track (per linear foot)5 lb (2.3 kg)2.5 lb (1.1 kg)
Anchor-Glider Load Limit (per suspension point)2.5 lb (1.1 kg)2.5 lb (1.1 kg)

* Tracks used in installation need to be anchored at least every 24 inches. The overall weight of the display should be determined by a combination of strength of individual anchors and the number of mounting points.

Technical Details

EasyGlide Track are available for use with plaster or grid ceilings. When ordering for grid ceiling, you must specify regular or mini grid, and short (24”) or long (48”) direction. Systems sold for plaster ceilings include mounting hardware kit. Systems sold for grid ceilings include end caps for use on grids. Tracks for plaster ceilings are available in 48″ and 96″ length and can be mounted next to each other to span longer lengths if needed. Gliders work with hooks or with cables. Specify number of gliders needed (typically 2 per sign) when ordering. Spider Tracks are available for plaster ceilings or as a tile divider between grid lines to position signage where you need it. Each Spider Track includes mounting hardware. The tile divider is shipped with permanent end caps in place, no additional assembly required. Use with standard anchors compatible with standard 1” ceiling grid. Multiple tracks can be used to create a layered look.

Composition and Materials

Easy-Glide and Spider Tracks are made of aluminum and are available in clear anodized and white powder- coated finish. Gliders, replacement end caps, and anchors are made of plastic. Cables and hooks are made of galvanized steel.

Product Limitations

For indoor use only. Use for suspensions of light weight product only. Follow the instructions and weight-bearing limitation indicated on the technical data sheets.

Precautions / Performance and Safety

Use product properly, in a safe manner and for the application for which it was intended. It is essential to ensure the strength of the top ceiling fixings can bear the weight of the items being displayed. Attachments must be properly installed and meet the recommended Safety Working Load Limit. Simple steps should be employed when handling and cleaning aluminum tracks: avoid scraping against hard or sharp surfaces, do not drag or throw components, clean regularly to remove any build up or dirt. Clean with plain water with mild soap/detergent or non-etching chemical cleaner.

Environmental Considerations

Components are suggested and warranted for interior use only. Nova Display Systems practices sustainability and recycling. Most of our display systems are fabricated from non-ferrous recycling metals – aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper alloys. With close to 100 percent recyclable content, these metals can be repeatedly recycled into similar or other products with no loss of quality, as reprocessing does not damage their molecular structure.

Display Solutions & Ideas

Cable Suspended Display mounted onto wall tracks/rails

Cable Track Suspended Displays

– a versatile solution for displaying posters and graphics, suspended on cables fitted between ceiling-to-floor or wall tracks.

Cable/Rod Picture Hanging System

Cable/Rod Picture Hangings

– a simple solution for displaying framed artworks and photographs that require items to be easily moved or replaced.

Cable/Rod Suspended Partitions

Cable/Rod Suspended Partitions

– cable/rod suspended screens and dividers. Individual panels can be fully customized using color, frosted or textured acrylic.