Acrylic & Glass Shelves / Overview

We provide standard clear tempered glass and acrylic shelving in most popular sizes and edge finishes at very competitive cost. Our shelves are primarily used with cable/rod suspension display systems. We ship via freight or we can pack the glass for standard small-package delivery and drop-ship directly to your desired location with no minimum order requirements. We offer quick delivery terms to complete your job quickly and reliably.

Acrylic Shelf Properties

  • Strength & Safety – Acrylic is more impact resistant than glass. If subjected to impact beyond the limit of its resistance, it does not shatter into small slivers but breaks into comparatively large pieces. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight bearing acrylic is not as rigid as the glass and continuous heavy loads may cause deformation or stress crazing. Acrylic is a combustible thermoplastic. Precautions should be taken to protect the material from flames and high heat sources. Acrylic usually burns rapidly to completion if not extinguished. The products of combustion, if sufficient air is present, are carbon dioxide and water. However, in many fires sufficient air will not be available and toxic carbon monoxide will be formed, as it is from other combustible materials.
  • Cleaning & Handling – The number one problem with acrylic is the use of incorrect cleaners. Please never use cleaners containing ammonia, glass cleaners and furniture polish such as Fantastik, Tilex, Windex, or Clorox, they will all harm your new piece of acrylic. Use mild soap and water to clean acrylic products or only products specifically recommended for cleaning acrylic such as Craftics, Novus, or other Rated Anti-Static Cleaner & Polish for Plastics. Use micro-fiber disposable low lint cloths that are specially designed for cleaning acrylic and other plastic. Never use a dry cloth or your hand to clean your acrylic. Using the wrong cleaner can cause damage to acrylic products that can occur within minutes or be delayed weeks or even months. Repeated use of the wrong cleaners will weaken the structural joints and cause cracking to occur. Be careful during install, dropping your acrylic can cause cracking.

Glass Shelf Properties

  • Strength & Safety – Tempered (toughened) glass is two or more times stronger than annealed glass. Safety comes from strength and from a unique fracture pattern. When broken, it shatters into small, relatively harmless fragments which prevent injuries. This phenomenon called “dicing,” markedly reduces the likelihood of major injury to people as there are no jagged edges or sharp shards. Fully tempered glass is used in many applications because of its safety characteristics.
  • Cleaning & Handling – Tempered glass should receive the same care as annealed glass. Unfortunately, familiarity with the greatly improved strength of tempered glass may mislead people to exert less care in handling it. Careless handling and improper installation sometimes produce edge damage. Delayed breakage can ensue when edge-damaged tempered glass is subjected to a moderate thermal of mechanical stress. Full penetration of the compression layer will likely produce instantaneous total fragmentation of tempered glass. Hence, tempered glass cannot be cut or modified following heat treatment.

Standard Display Kits – Cable/Rod Suspended Shelves

We have put together a comprehensive range of standard display kits in order to make your display selection process easier. These are simple, inexpensive and elegant solutions for displaying products, collectibles, art, and much more. All of our display solutions offer modularity and flexibility and can be easily re-configured or modified to adapt to changes or updates.


Cable-Rod Suspended Shelf Display System

Display Solutions & Ideas

Cable Suspended LED Light Pockets

LED Light Pockets for Windows

– incredibly bright, slim acrylic poster frame with glowing edges. It will make your window or wall displays stand out.

Cable Suspended Easy-Access Acrylic Poster Displays

Easy Access Poster Displays

– cable/rod suspended poster information displays for walls and windows. Provide a quick and easy way to change information.

Hook-on Rod Poster Displays with Acrylic Pockets

Hook-on-Rod Poster Displays

– create stylish, versatile interior wall displays using special designed acrylic pockets that hook onto horizontal rods.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Literature/Information Displays

Literature/Information Displays

– cable/rod suspended or wall mounted displays for brochures, catalogs, magazines and other promotional materials.

Frameless Acrylic Poster Displays Mounted on Standoffs

Frameless Acrylic Poster Displays

– designed for displaying posters, graphic prints, or photos by “sandwiching” them between two pieces of acrylic or glass.

Cable Suspended Signage and Logo Panels

Signage & Office Directories

– overhead directional signs, directories, facility maps, logo panels, and other specialty signs suspended on cable/rod system.