Cable/Rod Suspended Acrylic Showcase Displays / Overview

We provide pre-fabricated and custom fabricated showcase displays, merchandising displays and other specialty display fixtures. The display cases are manufactured from exceptional quality clear or frosted acrylic and designed exclusively for use with our cable/rod suspension systems. They are supplied in a few standard sizes and configurations such as open front and back case style, or all enclosed display case style with a sliding back panel and security lock. The cable/rod suspended showcase displays have proven to be a great display solution for retail outlets, galleries, museums, exhibitions, art shows and home collections.

Features & Benefits

  • Highlights simplicity, originality, and perfectly fits in any environment allowing the best product visibility.
  • Ideal for displaying collectibles, merchandise and promotional products in windows or interiors.
  • Can be mounted to walls, suspended from ceiling to floor on cables/rods, or suspended inside modular display stands.
  • Available as prefabricated or custom fabricated cubes, showcases, and specialty display cases in many styles and sizes.
  • Standard kits are supplied with 3/8″ thick open front and back, or 1/4″ thick all enclosed acrylic showcases. Manufactured from exceptional quality, clear or frosted lightweight acrylic.
  • The display equipment has an upscale look and can be reconfigured or easily customized.
  • Adjust to any height and lock in desired position.
Cable-Rod Suspended Shelf Display System
Cable/Rod Suspended Showcase Displays
Cable/Rod Suspended Showcase Displays
Cable/Rod Suspended Showcase Displays
Cable/Rod Suspended Acrylic Showcase Display Kits

Standard Display Kits

We have put together a comprehensive range of standard display kits in order to make your display selection process easier. These are simple, inexpensive and elegant solutions for displaying jewelry, cosmetics, collectibles, art, and much more. All of our display solutions offer modularity and flexibility and can be easily re-configured or modified to adapt to changes or updates.


Customize Your Display

Customize your own cable/rod suspended showcase display by adding logo and info panels, leaflet dispensers, acrylic shelves, standard stock size poster holders, or custom size graphics. We provide consultation and design services and will assist you in creating your unique configuration to meet your specific needs.


Nova Display Systems / Laser Cutting & Engraving

Acrylic/Plastic Custom Fabrication

We specialize in custom acrylic fabrication — from poster frames and brochure holders, shelves and display cases, table-top displays and pedestals, to a variety of top-quality precision made acrylic/plastic parts for use in the display and signage industry. Our skilled fabricators execute a variety of operations including cutting, CNC precision machining, polishing, heat bending, solvent welding and assembly.


Related Display Products

Cable Suspended Easy-Access Acrylic Poster Displays

Easy Access Poster Displays

– cable/rod suspended poster information displays for walls and windows. Provide a quick and easy way to change information.

Hook-on Rod Poster Displays with Acrylic Pockets

Hook-on-Rod Poster Displays

– create stylish, versatile interior wall displays using special designed acrylic pockets that hook onto horizontal rods.

Frameless Acrylic Poster Displays Mounted on Standoffs

Frameless Acrylic Poster Displays

– designed for displaying posters, graphic prints, or photos by “sandwiching” them between two pieces of acrylic or glass.