Cable Suspended Displays for Windows / Overview

Cable suspended easy access pockets are an innovative solution for displaying posters, graphics and prints that describe new real estate listings, latest releases, loan-rate information, menus, and much more. Our cable suspension display equipment for windows has an upscale look and can be easily customized or re-configured to hold various formats. Standard kits come with suspension hardware in satin chrome finish and with 1/8 inch thick clear acrylic pockets. Other acrylic finishes such as “non-glare” are available upon request. Cable suspended acrylic holders enable several posters to be positioned one above the other or side by side. It is a very easy to use system — gently pull out from the top to open the front plate than insert your printed material from the top or side.

Features & Benefits

  • Attractive, modern appearance.
  • Ideal for displaying information in windows or interiors.
  • Provides a quick and easy way to change information.
  • Available in various sizes and formats.
  • Custom sizes at no extra cost.
  • Use as single or double sided display frame.
  • The display equipment has an upscale look and can be re-configured or easily customized.
  • Available in clear acrylic as standard, or “non-glare” and “impact modified” acrylic upon request.
  • Works with standard prints or paper posters up to 135 gsm or 1 mm (1/32″) thickness.
Cable Suspended Window Display Kits / Interchangeable Displays
Cable Suspended Window Display Kits / Interchangeable Displays
Cable Suspended Window Display Kits / Interchangeable Displays
Cable Suspended Easy Access Poster Holders and Oversize Graphic Panels
Cable Suspended Window Display Kits - Interchangeable Displays
Cable Suspended Easy Access Poster Display Kits for Windows

Standard Display Kits

We have put together a comprehensive range of standard display kits in order to make your display selection process easier. These are simple, inexpensive and elegant solutions for displaying various sizes of posters or prints. All of our display solutions offer modularity and flexibility and can be easily re-configured or modified to adapt to changes or updates.


Customize Your Display

Customize your own display by adding logo and info panels, leaflet dispensers, additional standard stock or custom size poster holders and graphics. We provide consultation and design services and will assist you in creating your unique configuration to meet your specific needs.


Cable Suspended Acrylic Literature/Information Displays
Quality Poster & Graphic Printing by Nova Display Systems

Quality Poster & Graphic Printing

We offer photographic quality printing for posters, graphics and signage at very competitive prices. Printing is available on a variety of substrates such as photo paper, polyester films, back-lit films, transparencies, vinyl, label or plastic stock.


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