Cable/Rod Suspended Partitions / Overview

This is a stylish and modern space dividing solution for creating privacy wherever needed. Transparency, absolute modularity and slick design are the main advantages. It combines cable and rod suspension fittings, light-weight acrylic panels, fiberglass or tempered glass screens. Partitioning panels can be supplied in a variety of finishes such as frosted clear or color, matte black or white, satin colors for light diffusion, and textured resin or glass panels. They can also be customized to include lettering, sand blasted logos, or direct surface printed graphics or patterns. The cable/rod suspended partitions are an ideal way to subdivide open-plan offices, create privacy in meeting areas, separate passages from work areas, isolate photocopying and technical areas, and much more.

Nova Display Systems / Materials & Finishes

Partition Panels — Materials & Finishes

We offer acrylic and fiberglass panels for use with our modular and cable/rod suspended partition systems. They are lightweight, easily customizable and available in a multitude of finishes, textures and unique colors.


Laser Cutting & Engraving

We provide laser cutting, etching and personalized engraving on a variety of materials including frosted and textured acrylic, plastic stock, metal laminates, and other architectural substrates used for signage and displays.


Nova Display Systems / Laser Cutting & Engraving

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