Cable Suspended Rimless LED Light Pockets / Customizations

To customize your own cable suspended LED display follow the links and steps highlighted below. Select the size of Rimless LED light pocket that fits your poster format and the cable fittings. Choose the necessary power supply based on size and number of pockets displayed per cable–pair setup. Enhance your selected display by adding an optional logo/info panel. Other cable/rod components and accessories such as ceiling, floor and wall tracks are available to ensure additional design freedom and flexibility during installation. Contact a customer service representative for help with special sizes or customizations.

Cable Suspension Hardware & Power Suppply

C101-4/IS Ceiling-to-Floor Cable Suspension Kit


4.0M (13′ 1-1/2″)
Ceilin-to-Floor Cable Suspension Kit

CS08 cable power connector for 1.5 mm Cable Display System


Connector (One per Cable)

LPS12V-2A Power Supplies for LED Pockets


2.0A Power Supply w/Plug-in Cord (for one pocket setup)

LPS12V-3A Power Supplies for LED Pockets


3.0A Power Supply w/Plug-in Cord (up to three small or one large pocket setup)

LPS12V-4A Power Supplies for LED Pockets


4.0A Power Supply w/Plug-in Cord (up to five small or two large pocket setup)

LPS12V-5A Power Supplies for LED Pockets


5.0A Power Supply w/Plug-in Cord (up to six small or three large pocket setup)

LPS12V-6A Power Supplies for LED Pockets


6.0A Power Supply w/Plug-in Cord (up to four large pocket setup)

LPS-EXT 5M (16 feet) Extension Cord


5M (16 feet) Cable Extension

*Make sure the top and bottom insulators are in place at the moment of cable installation. Do not power the display unit until all components are installed. Download the online installation instruction or request a copy before you start installing the product.

Installation Accessories for Cables

CG01 cable vertical support single sided for panels for 1.5 mm Cable Display System


Panel Support up to 7mm (1/4″)

CG09 cable top/bottom support for panels for 1.5 mm Cable Display System


Panel Support up to 7mm (1/4″)

PH1006-AC Aluminum Channel / Horizontal Extrusion for use as rail/rack for cable/rod suspended displays


Rebate Channel for Ceilings

ACT Threshold Channel for cable rod suspensions for Cable/Rod Display System


Threshold Channel for Floors

PH1028 Aluminum Profile / Horizontal Extrusion for modular stand assembly or cable/rod suspensions


28mm (1-1/8”) Section Single-Sided Track

PA8 Toggle for channel fixing for Cable/Rod Display System



PA9 Toggle for channel fixing for Cable/Rod Display System



*Use CG01 and CG09 cable fittings to support logo or info panels above or below the led light pockets. CG09 does not require drilling but panel needs to be wider than the distance between cable centers. Tracks are available in 4, 6, or 8 feet lenght. A Freight & Handling Surcharge is applied per order/shipment on all Oversize Items (84” and longer).
Cable Suspended LED Displays by Nova Display Systems — LED Light Pockets with Grippers

Rimless LED Light Pockets with Grippers

Standard display kits can be easily re-configured or modified — add additional light pockets, replace the single-sided with double-sided units, or build an entirely new display kit. LED light pockets with cable grippers are available for purchase individually in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17” insert/print format. They come in a slim magnetic open style acrylic frame with a sleek silver border.


Custom Signs & Logo/Info Panels

Enhance your standard display kit by adding a logo/info panel — we provide personalized direct printed or laser engraved logo panels and custom signs. We use various materials such as plastic stock or clear, frosted or textured acrylic, to create high quality signage.


Plaques & Logo Panels / Nova Display Systems, Inc.
Custom Rimless LED Acrylic Backlit Display / Cable Suspended

Custom Size LED Light Pockets

We specialize in customizations and work with clients to design and fabricate custom displays and fixtures for a variety of projects. We fabricate LED light pockets to hold custom and larger size posters or graphics. We can modify the existing kits and standard display frames for use with the rod display system, not just cable suspensions. Displays can be mounted to walls or suspended from ceiling-to-floor or ceiling in an angled fashion. Other designs such as single, double or treble pocket system are also available.


Quality Poster & Graphic Printing

We offer photographic quality printing for posters, graphics and signage at very competitive prices. Printing is available on a variety of substrates such as photo paper, polyester films, back-lit films, transparencies, vinyl, label or plastic stock.


Nova Display Systems / Printing Backlit Graphics

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Cable Suspended Signage and Logo Panels

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