Acrylic & Aluminum Poster Frames

Frame-less Acrylic Poster Displays

Acrylic Frameless Poster Displays

Quality acrylic frameless panels with polished edges designed for displaying posters, prints, graphics, photos or fine art reproductions by “sandwiching” them between two pieces of clear and non-glare acrylic. The display panels are mounted to walls using our panel standoffs or edge-grip support system that allows for graphics and prints to be easily updated later. The non-glare acrylic front helps to reduce the glare from sunny windows and spot lighting.


Aluminum Poster Frames

Attractive, versatile and easy-to-use poster frames made of lightweight aluminum profiles. They are durable, reusable and can be side/top or front loaded and hold various substrate. Frames can be mounted to walls, windows, ceilings, or floor-standing. Available in a range of styles and standard sizes or custom cut to your exact specifications.


Aluminum Poster Frames

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Wall Mounted Acrylic Literature/Information Displays

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Stack-on Display Display Stands for Info/Posters and Literature

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