Wall-Covering Vinyl

Specially treated ink-jet printable wall-covering vinyl media is available in various thicknesses, textures and finishes. This media is suitable for printing high-definition and vibrant photographic images, wall graphics, backdrops, murals, or special graphic wraps. Most common surface finishes are matte, luster, or textured. Wall-covering printing materials are excellent for residential, institutional, or commercial décor.

Mural/Wall-Covering Vinyl Matte Ink-Jet Media

Wall-Vinyl / Matte

Matte wall-covering vinyl material with self adhesive backing is recommended for photographic images and detailed designs. It has a flat-finished, smooth and non-reflective surface. It will work reliably on most smooth clean surfaces.

(20 oz) Inkjet Print Media

*Standard Stock

Mural/Wall-Covering Vinyl Luster Ink-Jet Media

Wall-Vinyl / Luster

Luster wall-covering vinyl material with self adhesive backing is recommended for printing high-quality photographic or rendered images. It has a semi-gloss, smooth surface finish to support for finest print detail and color saturation.

(20 oz) Inkjet Print Media

*Special Request

Mural/Wall-Covering Vinyl Textured Ink-Jet Media

Wall-Vinyl / Textured

Textured wall-covering vinyl designed for printing high-quality photographic images, naturescape images, and art prints. It features a smooth, softly textured surface that resembles plaster, brush strokes, canvas, or fabrics.

(20 oz) Inkjet Print Media

*Special Request

Mural/Metallic Wall-Covering Vinyl Ink-Jet-Media

Wall-Vinyl / Metallic

Durable, specialty wall-covering vinyl material with a soft textured feel and shine of sand and metallic surfaces. Suitable for high-definition photographic wall art images for commercial environments and public buildings.

(20 oz) Inkjet Print Media

*Special Request

View-Thru Vinyl Ink-Jet-Media

View-Thru Vinyl

High-quality, pressure-sensitive vinyl with perforation specially designed for producing see-through window graphics. Ideal for producing eye-catching prints that do not obstruct visibility through the window.

(6-8 Mil) Inkjet Print Media

*Special Request

Removable Adhesive Backed Vinyl Ink-Jet-Media

Removable Vinyl 

Durable vinyl with opaque gloss surface designed to produce display graphics for windows, point-of-purchase, or temporary signage. Backed by a low-tack, removable adhesive, this vinyl is easy to install and remove.

(3-4 Mil) Inkjet Print Media

*Special Request

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