Wall Graphics & Murals

Large wall graphics, backdrops, and murals can be a powerful visual display in your office or store. They can also be a stunning way to decorate your home space. They are affordable and easy to install and are often used to create a highly detailed scenic view that emphasizes the illusion of expanded space. The high resolution output provides tremendous detail and realism for any project that will be viewed up close. Various substrate materials are available and used for mural printing depending on the budget and required longevity of the piece.

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Wall Graphics & Murals

Media Options

Wall-Covering Vinyl

Specially treated ink-jet printable wall-covering vinyl media is available in various thicknesses, textures and finishes. This media is suitable for printing high-definition and vibrant photographic images, wall graphics, backdrops, murals, or special graphic wraps. Most common surface finishes are matte, luster, or textured.


Mural/Wall-Covering Vinyl Textured Ink-Jet Media