Posters & Graphics

We specialize in high-resolution photographic quality printing for a variety of indoor graphic applications such as posters, trade show graphics, promotional graphics, photo enlargements, charts, maps, and much more. We print on a variety of ink-jet media such as satin, gloss or textured photo-base paper and polyester film, or other specialty media substrates. We also print large graphics direct onto substrates such as acrylic, plastic, metal, or glass.

Cable-Rod Suspended Graphic-Banner Displays
Cable-Rod Suspended Graphic-Poster Displays
Wall mounted graphic panels and directory boards on standoff supports

Media Options

Photo Paper & Polyester Films

We offer specially treated photo-base print paper and polyester films in few a thicknesses and finishes. This ink-let media provides excellent opacity, color contrast, and has anti-static qualities. Ideal solution for use in a variety of indoor printed graphic applications such as posters, display graphics, trade show graphics, and point-of-purchase displays.


9mil Polyester Film Satin Ink-Jet Media

Display Equipment & Mounting Options

Frameless Acrylic Poster Displays Mounted on Standoffs

Acrylic Encapsulation / Frameless Panels

Acrylic frameless poster displays are the ultimate, professional display solution for posters, prints, photos and fine art reproductions. The prints are simply inserted between two pieces of acrylic. The display panels are mounted to walls using our panel standoffs or edge-grip support system that allows graphics and prints to be easily updated later.


Aluminum Poster Frames

Attractive, versatile and easy-to-use poster frames made of lightweight aluminum profiles. They are durable, reusable and can be side/top or front loaded and hold various substrate. Frames can be mounted to walls, windows, ceilings, or floor-standing. Available in a range of styles and standard sizes or custom cut to your exact specifications.


Freedom-Frame / Front-Load Snap Poster Frame
Free-Style Modular Display Stand for Info/Posters and Literature

Modular Display Stands

Create an instant presentation to display signs, posters, literature, large format graphics, or merchandise with our new line of modular display stands. These are lightweight and highly customizable floor-stands made of aluminum profiles with acrylic poster holders and dispensers suspended from cables.