Contour Cut Decals & Labels

We have the ability to create long-lasting, high-resolution, customized stickers, contour cut decals and labels for a wide variety of applications. Our capabilities allow us to produce both high quality full color photo decals, as well as vinyl lettering and graphics. Made from durable adhesive vinyl that resists cracking, scuffing, and tearing, our vinyl letters and decals can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Nova Display Systems / Contour Cut Decals & Labels

Media Options

Adhesive Backed Vinyl

Adhesive backed vinyl is a flexible, durable, pressure-sensitive vinyl that is water-resistant and sticks to just about any smooth surface. Vinyl media provides long-term durability, produces great photo quality images and features few finish options such as gloss, matte, semi-matte, and clear.


Gloss Adhesive Backed Vinyl Ink-Jet-Media
Static-Cling Vinyl Ink-Jet-Media

See-Through & Static Cling Vinyl

See-through vinyl and static cling film are used to create both permanent graphics and temporary signage for glass windows. The perforated view-thru adhesive vinyl is popular for advertising on store front windows as well as on vehicles. The self-clinging clear film which requires no adhesive, applies quickly to glass and most smooth polished surfaces and is easily removed.