Laminates & Engraving Plastic

We use premium cast and extruded acrylic and architectural sign substrates for laser engraving or direct-to-substrate printing. Sheet stock includes laminates and coated acrylic materials available in a variety of colors, textures, and thickness. We offer custom sign fabrication services made to your specifications.

CH341-601 Poppy Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-601 Poppy Translucent

CH341-621 Passion Fruit Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-621 Passion Fruit Translucent

CH341-611 Cherry Blossom Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-611 Cherry Blossom Translucent

CH341-211 Phantom Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-211 Phantom Translucent

CH341-721 Daffodil Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-721 Daffodil  Translucent

CH341-701 Citrus Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-701 Citrus Translucent

CH341-931 Kiwi Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-931 Kiwi Translucent

CH341-921 Caribbean Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-921 Caribbean Translucent

CH341-551 Pacific Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-551 Pacific Translucent

CH341-541 Wedgewood Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-541 Wedgewood Translucent

CH341-511 Powder Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-511 Powder Translucent

CH341-521 Glacier Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-521 Glacier Translucent

CH341-441 Smoke Translucent Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-441 Smoke Translucent

CH341-631 Scarlet Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-631 Scarlet Opaque

CH341-661 Pomegranate Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-661 Pomegranate Opaque

CH341-651 Mango Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-651 Mango Opaque

CH341-791 Citronella Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-791 Citronella Opaque

CH341-991 Emerald Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-991 Emerald Opaque

CH341-961 Envy Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-961 Envy Opaque

CH341-501 Cobalt Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-501 Cobalt Opaque

CH341-571 Luxe Blue Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-571 Luxe Blue Opaque

CH341-301 Storm Grey Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-301 Storm Grey Opaque

CH341-803 Cocoa Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-803 Cocoa Opaque

CH341-831 Bisque Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-831 Bisque Opaque

CH341-221 Creme Brulee Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-221 Creme Brulee Opaque

CH341-201 White Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-201 White Opaque

CH341-401 Black Opaque Acrylic

Rowmark® #CH341-401 Black Opaque

Rowmark® ColorHues Series / Cell Cast Acrylic Material (PMMA)

Rowmark® ColorHues is a single-ply decorative sheet material with brilliant shades of color, offered in translucent and opaque hues, and is suited as a signage component or substrate. Providing the benefits of glass in a lightweight, scratch resistant material.
922-601 Matte / Red Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-601             Matte / Red

922-621 Matte / Burgundy Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-621    Matte / Burgundy

922-661 Matte / Ribbon Pink Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-661       Matte / Ribbon Pink

922-701 Matte / Yellow Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-701     Matte / Yellow

922-931 Matte / Bright Green Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-931         Matte / Bright Green

922-551 Matte / Blue Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-551        Matte / Blue

922-551 Matte Navy Blue Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-551            Matte Navy Blue

922-201 Matte / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-201      Matte / White 

922-221 Matte / Ivory Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-221       Matte / Ivory

922-841 Matte / Dark Brown Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-841           Matte / Dark Brown 

922-401 Matte / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #922-401         Matte / Black 

9X2-711 Matte / Smooth Gold Acrylic

Rowmark® #9X2-711       Matte / Smooth Gold 

9X2-710 Gloss / Smooth Gold Acrylic

Rowmark® #9X2-710          Gloss / Smooth Gold

9X2-340 Gloss / Smooth Silver Acrylic

Rowmark® #9X2-340           Gloss / Smooth Silver

9X2-341 Matte / Smooth Silver Acrylic

Rowmark® #9X2-341          Matte / Smooth Silver

Rowmark® LaserMark Series / Micro-surfaced Impact Acrylic Material

Rowmark® LaserMark is a decorative sheet acrylic material specially designed for a crisp, clean burn and ultra-fine laser lettering, logos and vector cutouts. It has a clear finish over a layer of rich color and a durable surface that resists fingerprints.
LM922-622 Claret / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-622 Claret / White 

LM9X2-704 Canary / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM9X2-704 Canary / Black

LM922-912 Evergreen / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-912 Evergreen / White

LM9X2-502 Sapphire / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM9X2-502 Sapphire / White 

LM922-552 Patriot Blue / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-552 Patriot Blue / White

LM922-382 China Blue / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-382 China Blue / White

LM9X2-204 White / Black Acrylic Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM9X2-204 White / Black

LM922-854 Almond / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-854 Almond / Black

LM922-325-Light Grey / Marine Blue Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-325-Light Grey / Marine Blue

LM922-324 Light Grey Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-324 Light Grey / Black

LM922-312 Smoke Grey / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-312 Smoke Grey / White

LM922-822 Med.Brown / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-822 Med.Brown / White

LM9X2-402 Black / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM9X2-402 Black / White

LM922-422 Gloss Black / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-422 Gloss Black / White

LM922-427 Gloss Black / Gold Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-427  Gloss-Black / Gold

LM922-413 Black / Silver Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-413 Black / Silver Acrylic

LM922-884 Deep Bronze / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-884 Deep Bronze / Black

LM922-874 Br.Bronze / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-874 Br.Bronze / Black

LM922-872 Br.Bronze / White Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-872 Br.Bronze / White

LM9X2-754 European Gold / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM9X2-754 European Gold / Black

LM922-714 Smooth Gold / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-714 Smooth Gold / Black

LM9X2-354 Br. Alum / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM9X2-354 Br.Alum / Black

LM922-334 Br.Silver / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-334 Br.Silver / Black

LM922-344 Smooth Silver / Black Acrylic

Rowmark® #LM922-344 Smooth Silver / Black

Rowmark® LaserMax Series / Micro-surfaced Impact Acrylic Material

Rowmark® LaserMax features a classic, yet durable matte finish with enhanced heat tolerance and UV stable color foils. Great for Interior Signage, Personal Identification, Trophies, Awards, and Plaques.

Note: Product list colors shown above are only approximation of the actual material. For more accurate color choices, please refer to the Rowmark® Color/Finish Charts. Laminates & Engraving Plastic may not be available in every single color or finish code shown above. Some colors or finishes may require special ordering.

Specialized Fabrication & Finishing

We use expert knowledge, computer aided design and the latest technology to custom manufacture display fixtures, furniture, display products and signage for a wide variety of applications. Our products are designed and fabricated to be fully modular and customizable and can be easily re-configured to adapt to various needs.

Nova Display Systems / Printing Services


We specialize in high-quality photographic printing for indoor graphic applications such as posters, backlit graphics, event graphics, maps and charts.



We design and manufacture interior signage, custom logos and dimensional letters from a wide range of materials such as acrylic, plastic, metals.

Nova Display Systems /


We manufacture display components, info-displays, modular display stands, modular furniture, and display fixtures for office and retail environments.