Frosted & Satinice Velvet Textured Acrylic

Frosted and satinice velvet textured acrylics are fashionable, bold, and stylish. They provide designers with a multitude of choices in textures and unique colors. Lightweight and easy to fabricate, the distinctive surface hides the appearance of scratches and fingerprints, making it a beautiful choice for signage, POP displays, privacy panels, windscreens, partitions, shelves, cabinets, store fixtures, furniture components, and other architectural applications. Available in various decorative translucent patterns, this product has all the advantages of acrylic with the look of delicate patterned glass and allows designers to create displays that are innovative in design and revolutionary in visual effects.

0A000 (P99) - Clear Frost / Non-Glare Acrylite

Clear Frost / Non-Glare

Acrylite® #0A000 (P99)

0M001SC - Crystal Frost / One-Sided Acrylic

Crystal Frost / One-Sided

Acrylite® #0M001 SC / 0917-8

0M001SC - Crystal Frost / Two Sided Acrylic

Crystal Frost / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #0M001 DC / 0917-8

0F00SC - Satinice Clear / One-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Clear / One-Sided

Acrylite® #0F00 SC / P95

0F00DC -Satinice Clear / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Clear / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #0F00 DC / DP9

WM30SC -Satinice White / One-Sided Acrylic

Satinice White / One-Sided

Acrylite® #WM30 SC / 7328 / P95

WH26DC - Satinice Cloud / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Cloud / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #WH26 DC / DP9

WH02DC -Satinice Coconut / Two-Sided

Satinice Coconut / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #WH02 DC /DP9

9H01SC -Satinice Black / One-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Black / One-Sided

Acrylite® #9H01 SC / 2025

9H01DC - Satinice Black / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Black / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #9H01 DC / DP9

7H07DC -Satinice Lava / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Lava / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #7H07 DC / DP9

7H09DC -Satinice Viento / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Viento / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #7H09 DC / DP9

5C12SC - Satinice Blue / One-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Blue / One-Sided

Acrylite® #5C12 SC / 6157-9 / P95

5H09DC -Satinice Pacific / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Pacific / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #5H09 DC / DP9

5C01DC -Satinice Sky Blue / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Sky Blue / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #5C01 DC / DP9

5H74DC -Satinice Laguna / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Laguna / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #5H74 DC / DP9

3H12DC -Satinice Tomato / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Tomato / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #3H12 DC / DP9

2H12DC - Satinice Pumpkin / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Pumpkin / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #2H12 DC / DP9

1H17DC -Satinice Sunshine / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Sunshine / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #1H17 DC / DP9

6M020SC - Crystal Glass Green / One-Sided Acrylic

Crystal Glass Green / One-Sided

Acrylite® #6M020 SC / 3030

6F20SC - Satinice Glass Green / One-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Glass Green / One-Sided

Acrylite® #6F20 SC / 3030 / P95

6F20DC -Satinice Glass Green / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Glass Green / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #6F20 DC / DP9

6H07DC - Satinice Kiwi / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Kiwi / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #6H07 DC / DP9

6H55DC -Satinice Grass / Two-Sided Acrylic

Satinice Grass / Two-Sided

Acrylite® #6H55 DC / DP9

Colorless/Frosted Acrylic Sheets

Frosted acrylic is available in thicknesses from 0.118” (3mm) to 0.472” (12mm). Frosted acrylic sheets have an attractive uniform frosted surface similar to sand blasted glass look. They are a great choice for applications that require light diffusing such as light installations, tabletops, shelving, cabinet doors, desktops, furnitures, room partitions, illuminated signs, backdrops and visual displays. The shatter-resistant sheets are also resistant to fingerprints, scratches, smudges, and can be easily cleaned. Brands used in our day to day production are Acrylite®.

Color Satinice/Velvet Textured Acrylic Sheets

Color satinice/velvet textured acrylic is available in 0.236” (6mm) thickness. This material’s velvet textured surfaces are pleasant to the touch, robust and discretely light-diffusing. Sheets are available with a matte satin surface on one or both sides, or with diffuser beads evenly distributed throughout the material, in various colors. Available as diffuser molding compounds for components with a light-diffusing effect. Ideal for light installations, illuminated shelving, illuminated signs, ceilings, backdrops and visual displays. The shatter-resistant sheets are also resistant to fingerprints, scratches, smudges, and can be easily cleaned. Brands used in our day to day production are Acrylite®.

Note: Frosted and Satinice Textured acrylic panels may not be available in every color, thickness or sheet size and may require special order arrangements.

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We use expert knowledge, computer aided design and the latest technology to custom manufacture display fixtures, furniture, display products and signage for a wide variety of applications. Our products are designed and fabricated to be fully modular and customizable and can be easily re-configured to adapt to various needs.

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