Referral Installer Program

The Referral Installer Program is an expansion of our capabilities providing customers with access to installation services for our products. Our referred installers are reliable companies and experienced individuals who have installed our display systems and have given us a sense of comfort that they know and understand our products, and can install our systems per specifications and recommendations that we provide. The program maintains a list of certified sign and display installers by region. Information is available upon customer request.

How to find an Installer:

Choosing the right installer is critical for the quality and timeline of your project installation. The Referral Installer Program gives our customers the confidence that their display and fixture project will be properly installed. To locate local companies and certified installers for our display systems send a request using the form on the right or call our customer service for help.

Referral Installer Program Qualification Requirements:

Membership to our installer program is by referral only. The installer must be certified, insured and had worked together with Nova Display Systems to complete at least one installation project in the past. The Installer proved the ability to understand our product and offered excellent service for our joint customers.

The applicant to this program must meet following criteria and standards:

  • Must have sign and display installation experience.
  • Must carry liability insurance (verified once per year).
  • Must be helpful and pleasant with customers.
  • Ability to conduct site surveys.
  • Ability to read, understand and follow instructions.
  • Ability to follow safety policies and procedures.
  • Ability to perform finishing operations.
  • Must be detail oriented and quality focused.

Note: If you are a qualified and insured installer and consider to participate in our Referral Installer Program, you may contact us for more information.

Legal Disclaimer:

The companies and individual installers identified in the Referral Installer Program are third-party entities and are not part of Nova Display Systems, Inc. These installers are qualified and certified, to the best of our knowledge, to engage in installation work with our customers. Their contact information is provided solely as a convenience to our customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to research the qualifications and liability insurance of any installer before engaging in any activities with them. Nova Display Systems assumes no liability, makes no warranty, and takes no responsibility for any installers or the work performed by them. Engagement with the companies or individuals offering installation services on these pages of any kind will be done at the sole risk of the customer.

Installer/Info Request Form

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We use expert knowledge, computer aided design and the latest technology to custom manufacture display fixtures, furniture, display products and signage for a wide variety of applications. Our products are designed and fabricated to be fully modular and customizable and can be easily re-configured to adapt to various needs.

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