Referral Designer/Partner Program

The Referral Designer/Partner Program is an expansion of our capabilities providing customers with access to architectural design services from trusted and experienced partners. The program maintains a list of certified architectural design firms and independent interior designers by region and capability. Most of our design partners have demonstrated knowledge and experience in working with our products, ensuring quality service and ability to create solutions that are both desirable and viable.

How to find a Referral Designer:

You will definitely need design assistance from a certified architectural company in your area, if your project requires a detailed space evaluation, codes verification, structural and architectural shop drawings, permit/bid ready drawings, final submittals with architectural seal, etc. To locate architectural companies and certified interior designers in your area call our customer service or use the Designer/Info Request Form on this page. We will search our database to find the right design partner for you.

Referral Designer/Partner Program Qualification Requirements:

Membership to our design partner program is by referral only. The Design Partner must be certified and had worked together with Nova Display Systems to complete at least one design project in the past. An applicant to this program must meet the following criteria to be considered for potential membership.

The design partner will be offering complete design services and solutions for Nova Display Systems’ products. It is capable of offering a complete range of design services:

  • Floor Planning and Space Evaluation
  • Coordination and compliance with relevant building codes
  • Architectural review of ADA conditions
  • Providing Floor Plans and Interior Elevations
  • Providing Concept and Schematic Drawings
  • Providing Schematic Design of Store Fixtures
  • Providing Schematic Design of Casework and Lighting
  • Providing 3D Renderings of the Proposed Space
  • Providing Material and Finish Selections
  • Submittal of Final Architectural Drawings and Permit Documents
  • Project Coordination

Note: If you are an architect or designer and are considering participation in our Referral Designer/Partner Program, you may contact us for more information.

Legal Disclaimer:

The architectural companies and interior designers identified in the Referral Designer/Partner Program are third-party entities and are not part of Nova Display Systems, Inc. These design partners are qualified and certified, to the best of our knowledge, to engage in architectural design work with our customers. Their contact information is provided solely as a convenience to our customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to research the qualifications and legality of any design partner before engaging in any activity with them. Nova Display Systems assumes no liability, makes no warranty, and takes no responsibility for any design partners or the work performed by them. Engagement with the design partners on these pages of any kind will be done at the sole risk of the customer.

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Designer/Info Request Form

Specialized Fabrication & Finishing

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