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Conceptual Design & Creative Consultancy ...

Complimentary Conceptual Design is recommended for budget minded clients who need assistance creating a functional office or store layout and implementing signage and display fixture designs that increase productivity while meeting your style and budget needs. To accomplish this our designers will utilize designs of stock fixtures and standard display kits configurations to eliminate the need of spending additional design time on detailing customized displays. We will consult with you and your business, taking into consideration your goals and requirements and create creative compositions and design concepts to include everything needed to facilitate the installation and placement of your new display along with the basic construction requirements for your new space. We will also include detailed material and display support system specifications, as well as a detailed itemized bid for the entire project.


Free Conceptual Design & Office/Store Space Layout Requirements ...

$350 Initial Design Fee for a five (5) hour design and review process is collected at the start of the project which upon completion will be applied to any fixture purchase of more then $5000. If client does not purchase any display fixtures or materials for the project or the project is canceled or put on hold for more then 60 days the $350 start up fee will be treated as standard design service contract. Additional design and rendering services are $75 per hour.

Beginning with a phone consultation, we then review your floor plans and elevations and develop both 2-D and 3-D designs of the space with sketches of proposed signage and display applications for you to approve. Once approved, we will  provide a complete set of conceptual drawings and renderings of the project.

Typical Conceptual Design Project Includes ...

* Project Budget Analysis and Recommendations.
* Design of 1-2 concept ideas based on your needs and requirements.
* Revisions of one of these concept based on your feedback.
* Preparation of drawings with standard views, dimensions and material specifications for approval.
* Preparation of basic interior floor plans with display fixture placement and traffic flow.
* Preparation of basic 3-D renderings of the concept.
* Preparation of Store Fixture and Display Equipment Bid and Review.

Note: Detailed CAD drawings such as Interior Elevations, Complete Set of Floor Plans, Isometric Views, High Quality 3-D Renderings, Detailed Fixtures Layouts and Manufacturing Drawings may require additional design time.


Design Process Duration & Production Time ...

Once we have received the required information from the client and the design process started, please expect following time frame before project completion:
* Creation of Preliminary Concept Ideas (3-4 Days)
* Revision and preparation of Final Drawings and Renderings (7-10 Days)
* Store Fixture and Display Production and Delivery Time on standard stock configurations (2-3 Weeks)
* Store Fixture and Display Production and Delivery Time on custom designs and special fixtures (4-6 Weeks)

What will we need to start your project? ...

Following information is required in order to start the design process:
* Interior elevations, sketches or photos indicating ceiling height, door and window locations with dimensions.
* Interior floor plans or hand drawn sketches with dimensions.
* A draft or project description for your Office / Store Concept or Vision.
* A list of landlord requirements or restrictions relevant to this project.

Note: Send all your design requests via e-mail to:

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